We designed for a happy life in safe social areas.

Plusera City project, which is neatly prepared for you to live in the heart of Istanbul, away from stress and close to pleasure, adds value to your life with its large landscape areas. Designed with its low-floor horizontal concept to bring the source of life and daylight to your living spaces in the most accurate way, the architecture makes your time in the courtyard a unique pleasure.

You will enjoy a unique view of the Marmara Sea and the Princes' Islands from Plusera City's spacious apartments with large terraces. There are also green areas where you can create your own small plant and vegetable garden within your large terraces, where you can decor freely as you wish.
Located on the ground floors of Plusera city, parallel to the E5 highway, the commercial units were projected in the form of a small shopping center consisting of shopping shops, cafes and restaurants and markets where you can meet your everyday needs.
Located in the Courtyard Square, Plusera Cafe offers a unique environment where you can have pleasant conversations with your family and friends. Plusera Cafe, carrying all of the facilities provided by a modern boutique cafe, will be an indispensable part of your social life.
With the common areas in Plusera City like basketball court, indoor fitness room, long hiking trail, children's play areas, gazebo and recreational areas in the site, you will have the opportunity to do many everyday activities inside the living site.
Plusera City Maltepe, tam donanımlı fitness salonuyla spor hayatınızı evinizin altına getiriyor. Gündelik spor ihtiyaçlarınızı rahatlıkla karşılayabileceğiniz bu salonda sağlıklı beslenme ihtiyacınız için bir de vitamin bar yer almaktadır.
The steps you will take in the walking areas lying next to the waterway that surrounds the courtyard are already nominated to be your indispensable sports activity. After a pleasant walk accompanied by chirping bird sounds, your time in the rest areas will turn into unforgettable evening experiences.
Open-air and indoor swimming pools as well as children's pool allow you to have fun times in both summer and winter. A fully equipped sports facility as well as a healthy life with water sports awaits you in Plusera City.
Plusera City has multi-purpose lounges where you can welcome your loved ones on special occasions. There are two halls available for your organizations like meetings, events etc.